Mar 12, 2013
dabechesgodie (All reviews)
i don't have too much to say about this manga, but i may be the only one who absolutely hates it. Most people will think that the story was really cute, but if you actually look at this manga from the guy pov, you will see how cruel the story is. the ending felt extremely empty, unless ur good at ignoring things like this, this story will make u suffer especially if ur a guy reading this. it will make u spit blood from all the irony and hypocrisy. the main character is pathetic and inconsiderate of others feelings, the plot is pitiful and the only thing that keeps u reading is the hope that things would get better, the hope that the main character will stop being retarded and may receive the bloodiest divine punishment possible for all her cruelty to the male lead, all in all the story is just cruel, even the cover picture for this manga depicts the cruelty, (notice how one guy is in front of the other, clearly depicting the unfairness and the whole crapload of bull in the story) the story spends more time on a character that is not the male lead. its just stupidly planned out leaving u feel angry and empty, also this story does an awesome job depicting how irresponsible girls can be, and how easily a clingy girl can just take things for granted. Truly ridiculous.