Oct 25, 2008
Chupacabra-Food (All reviews)
I only recommend if for those sick people who can stomach the convulted, twisted, vile nature of humanity and still think its one helluva story.

Well then, hello you sick people, this is your manga.

Basically Godchild (first started in the Cain Saga) is the story of the Earl Cain, a posion collection, who is a noble of the prestigious English family, and finds himself investigating strings of murders involving serious psychologically distrubed people (seriously, they are MESSED UP) in the current decaying society which is London. As the story progresses he begins to find a pattern in these cases all connected to a organization with dark intentions known as Delilah, who dabbles in the occult. Not only that but he finds out that the organization is run by a person from his past whom he thought was dead...

Gourgeous, gourgeous, gorgeous. You can tell just by looking at each page, that everything, even just a characters head must've taken forever. Kaori Yuki draws absolutly amazing clothing and the detail she and her assistants take is just amazing, and she draws BACKGROUNDS (yes, its true) which tend to be very beautiful in their arcitecture and even in everyday around-the-house items are drawn very well.

Character: Flat is NOT at all what you'd call Kaori Yuki's characters. Good and evil alike they all each have their goals and intentions. Plus, its really easy to get drawn in by the series' main character, Cain who has a cool, dignified allure, that even if he generally seems to wave off others, he is kickin' sweet. For some reason he reminds me of L of Death Note, cool and calculating.

Enjoyment: Heck, I love it.

Overall: If you cannot handle baby-killers, human experiments, taboo relationships, and crazy women who sew people into dolls. Well how about Fruits Basket instead? But really, the dark tone of manga is really captivating, and it gets the reader really involved in the story, if you are a lover of the supernatural, psychological, and the mysterious. Reaad