Mar 8, 2013
DraconicRook (All reviews)
I have recently just finished the first part of Tokyo ESP (Yay!) Considering that I needed enjoyed it immensely (and I had some free time) I decided to write something about it.

Urushiba Rinka has been living quite a tough life. Her father is a renegade policeman and her mother ran away due to complications with her husband. Due to her now jobless father, she takes on the burden and works to make ends meet. School wasn't fun either since she had no friends and gets teased due her poverty... Life wasn't exactly a box of chocolates. However, this lifestyle ends abruptly when she encounters several freaks of nature: a flying penguin and "light" fish swimming through the air that suck her into a new world; full of dark secrets, relentless enemies, and a blast from the past.

Story 9/10: The story turns a run of the mill theme, hero/herione saves the world, and manages to turn it into something unique. One thing I appreciate is the high ups and extreme lows that the characters experience throughout the journey. This gives a sense of reality to the story, not some super overpowered character that blows away everything in his/her path and has absolutely no problems (*cough* Izayoi *cough*).

Art 6/10: This is definitely the weakest link in the chain. While Segami Hajime is extremely adept at incorporating fine detail as well as drawing a myriad of emotions, the quality fluctuates too much as smaller panels have less details and the characters are more disoriented. Additionally, I feel like while the few main and sub-main characters are drawn at a very high level (no complaints here), the quality drops considerably when comparing them to background and miscellaneous characters.

Character 9/10: The characters all have their own unique character and problems to deal with, but are able to unite despite their differences and defeat these obstacles (well at least most of them). The heroine has her volatile but caring personality, her quirky sidekick and friend (ITS A FREAKIN MIRACLE Q.Q), and her overprotective father (to the point I feel like its a daughter complex >.>).

Enjoyment 9/10: I was extremely entertained by this manga xD. There are some very funny moments and your able to connect to the characters at various points. Also, battle scenes weren't over the top (TYVM) and were even humorous. Only thing that prevents me from totally enjoying this are times when story kinda slugs along or goes of on a tangent (Just focus on the freakin main story!).

Overall 8/10: I find the story and characters very engrossing the only major complaint is a need for better artwork. While it isn't horrible (It does some things very well as previously mentioned) it needs a great deal of improvement. The negatives aside, Tokyo ESP is a very engrossing, action packed (and a sprinkle of romance) read that you should give a try! ^.^