Mar 8, 2013
Amnesia (Anime) add (All reviews)
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Are you a lonely, boy-less teenage girl? Do you wish you could have many hot guys surrounded by you, astounded by you for no real reason? What about living in a world where you get to date and be submissive to no, not just one attractive male, but over FOUR of them in many different worlds? Does that sound like the dream life to you? Have no fear, "Amnesia" is just what you need to fulfill this!

In case you don't get the vibe, this is pretty much a reverse harem used primarily for female wish-fulfillment. The story centers around our lead girl, erm, I guess we just call her Heroine? Because her boyfriends that love her oh so dearly never bother to call her by her name? Yeah. Heroine finds herself awakening with no memories, and it's up to her and a spirit called Orion to collect her memories. She's also trapped in this sort of "time loop." Basically, each time she dies, the date resets. By date I mean both the month and day and her current boyfriend.

The story has two main issues: the pacing and the Heroine. The pacing moves by pretttty damn slowly, to the point where even when we hit episode nine, nearly nothing is known about the main plot or what exactly is going on. The story is supposedly about the Heroine collecting her memories, but uh.. that's probably the least she's done throughout the show. And that's saying a lot, because she hardly does ANYTHING.

And here comes our other issue, the Heroine herself. This girl is so bland, so personality-less, and used as such a wish-fullfillment device that she doesn't even have a name. Isn't that awesome, girls? You don't even have to get depressed when hot guy #1 doesn't call out your name! It makes self-insertion much, much easier. Heroine is a story-dragger -- she provides little to no advancement to the plot herself and has to rely on everyone else to push her in any direction possible. Oh yeah, having amnesia ain't excuse for not having a personality. Fucking Nyuu from Elfen Lied had more of a personality then her, and she couldn't even dress herself.

Speaking of Heroine's reliance, this also brings another issue: she's submissive. Too, too submissive. Almost all the guys do extremely improper things to her, like shoving her against a tree in the middle of the dark against her will or forcefully kissing her, getting too close to her, anything. And she just accepts all of this. She never sticks up for herself, and is even willing to stay with a man whom she pretty much knows will dump her when his time limit is up. Great example, right guys? The male characters ain't any better -- they're all pretty much just a bunch of hot dude's lusting after Heroine for their own fucked up reasons. Some want to play her, others want to lock her up in a cage. You know how it is.

Oh uh, the positives? Well, the art is pretty crisp, as expected of Brain's Base. The eyes look downright gorgeous and the opening theme is pretty much eyecandy. The men are attractive, which is a key for these anime, and the backgrounds are well-created. Soundtrack is merely mediocre and unmemorable, though bonus points are awarded for such an awesome opening song. I'm convinced to hear more of Nagi Yanagi's stuff.

So, enjoyment? I'm sorry, but I'm not the type of person that gets wet from putting myself in the shoes of a nobody and letting all these hot guys date and rape me. If you're the type that's into that, then I'm sure your enjoyment of this will be much, much higher then mine.

Now I will ask you this again -- are you a lonely and angsty teenage girl? Do you dream of many a men surrounding you, kissing you, pinning you behind alley's, and drugging you? Do you want to live in this life? If so, then look no further, my dears. This anime is perfect for you. You got a bunch of hot guys that want your tits and a girl who's so bland that you can insert my chihuahua in it and it would probably make the story more interesting.

If not, just don't watch this. There is literally nothing to be lost and nothing to gain, except time and knowledge on how not to write a shoujo.