Mar 5, 2013
ValtElf (All reviews)
The Wizard of Oz, The Neverending Story, Peter Pan or The Little Mermaid.
All these tales share the same mix of fantasy and romance with Kiss Wood.


What starts out as some sort of a family drama in a rather modern world, soon shifts our main character to a colorful world within a giant forest where he is soon to find out that things work a little different from where he came from.

The hero in our story is an old man who happens to be obsessed with plants in all forms and shapes. Sadly for our hero not everyone knows to appreciate his interests and even his niece which lives with him is getting sick of his unnatural love for mother nature, which occupies his entire time.

And so one unfortunate event after the next occurs for our old man.
First his niece leaves him, then his house gets burned and unfortunately our hero was inside the house during the fire which left him in a state of coma in the next best hospital.

But as if things weren't bad enough, our hero wakes up inside the hospital ruins surrounded not by the city he used to live in, but a giant forest. In this forest our hero meets all sorts of surreal plants and just as surreal people with his only goal in mind to survive and get out of this dangerous forest.

Although Kiss Wood is strongly riding along the green trails with such a title, a plant-loving protagonist and a giant forest which seems to punish those who've treated nature wrong, the story is just as rich in details as the world it is set in and goes therefore beyond a story with a green moral of "Let's be more aware of nature". It's not a full-fledged, serious Seinen with gore and survival of the fittest either however. Instead what we get is a beautiful fairy tail with a wonderful world and a terrible fate that climaxes into both tears of joy and sadness as the story unfolds.

Art and Characters

The characters in Kiss Wood all seem really surreal but eye-friendly. The colorful pages and the smooth drawings are to be thanked.

The characters personalities seem all very strict in their roles and there seems to be all sorts of crazy types.

A little girl is a sadistic tyrant who seems to rule over the entire forest.
A lama which runs faster than any vehicle could ever move.
An old, bearded man who loves plants.
A cursed traveller.
And a mysterious woman that seems to take a liking to our old man.

Last Words:
If you are still unsure wether to read Kiss Wood or not, I can suggest it to anyone that enjoys a good, serious story, fairy tails, fantasy or a good, worthwhile ending.

However it's not an easy going happy-go-lucky adventure in a slice of life manner and neither is it pure mature content with all sorts of violence or nudity.

For me Kiss Wood was a very good read with an exponentially increasing enjoyment factor.