Mar 5, 2013
Keitaro004 (All reviews)
Out of the five Keroro movies released today, this has to be the best one. It is the only movie that really catches both Keroro's sharm & humor, which makes it feels like an extended TV-episode (Which is great compared to the other movies).

The story is okay at best as the idea of a evil twin brother has been used countless of times in both cartoons, anime and games. The way they execute it is however, really good. It will show the fans what Keroro really thinks about Pekopon and make him even more outstanding than before. There is also some heavy action scenes which does not go on too long, as it did in that horrible fourth movie. There is also a lot more empathy on the humor part, unlike the second movie, though this one has a very dramatic end.

The art is great and looks just like the TV-show, which is the best art style for Keroro Gunso. The animation, however, is superb. The characters constantly move or does something in the background. The budget for this movie must have been pretty good. The ending song is perhaps the most catchy one I've heard in ages, made by the same artist who sung the ending song for the Ghibli Movie "The cat Returns".

All the frogs gets enough screen time, so no matter what frog you prefer, you will not be disappointed. There is also some fanservice as Natsumi and a couple of other girls are dressed quite inappropriately in some scenes. Not to mention the girl this plot revolves about, who looks like she is from "Ikkitousen" or "Sora no Otoshimono" because of her enormous breasts and huge "behind". Most likely made to please the older otaku crowd, which is also a part of the demographic for this series.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. The animation is great, the story is good and the movie does not seem like it's made only for the purpose of earning even more cash. This is one of the better Anime movies, but will still only appeal to the fans of the show. I will recommend this to every Keroro fan, as this is a great addition to your DVD library. It's not hard to get hold on either, as the official hong kong DVD edition has english subtitles too like the earlier keroro movies (hint hint)