Mar 3, 2013
Kynov (All reviews)
"Did you think all kids are pure? Think again" - Me

Those phrases are the best word to describe this anime,anyway Mitsudomoe is your funny and eccentric anime that you wouldn't find in anywhere. If there was anime that something like this, it would be Azumanga Daioh. This anime suprisingly is EXTREMELY funny, i am not exaggerate it, but it really does. beside of the awful art and average sounding, This anime gives some fresh jokes, not like the other comedy-gag anime which is usually really pushes the jokes, repetitive and even nothing funny at all. Thanks to the god, this anime wasn't like that.

Mitsudomoe is not all-age-gag-anime, i am must saying this again NOT-ALL-AGE-GAG-ANIME. since there is so much mature material that involves in this anime. Dont judge the anime just because of the covers. and it applies for this anime, It maybe like an anime for kids since this anime was all about kids and their activity in school. If you had thinking like that, then you have made a mistake. If Azumanga Daioh or Nichijou focus on how cute, pure and clumsy child is, then it Mitsudomoe is the "EVIL version" of them. Mitsudomoe jokes are literally a kind of adult jokes like Seitokai Yakuindomo, If Seitokai Yakuindomo usually use "vulgar" jokes then Mitsudomoe more less than that.

The story in Mitsudomoe is about The 11-year-old Marui triplets, yeah TRIPLETS. that being known as the most problematic kids in the school, and unluckily, Satoshi Yabe, the newly graduated teacher must led the class that have the trouble maker triplets.

Since this anime is a gag anime, so, it doesnt have any main story or main goal. Usually their story in each episode are standalone, and from each episode, it usually consists of mini gag-story like Danshi koukoushei no Nichijou. and its really usual for a gag anime that they use this method in their anime so its not surprising, If we're talking a gag anime, of course the story is not their main priority, the main focus of a gag anime is jokes. No matter how good their art, sound, or story is, if the jokes wasnt funny then its not a gag anime. So, the main question is, Is Mitsudomoe amusing to watch? For me, Yes it is.

Like what i said before, Art is not the main priority in a gag. So does in Mitsudomoe. The weakest section of this anime are in art, but, for me is not something that we would critize at. Furthermore, there is something special in Mitsudomoe's art. Like how different between the triplet father with other character (The triplet father is being drawn differently with the other character). and do not miss the comedic effect too (like the funny expression that the character does or overly reaction to something). Something like comedic effect is usually intend to make the anime more funnier and sometimes to cover the lack in art section (See how Seto no Hanayome works) and with that method, its really work in Mitsudomoe.

For the sound, there isnt something that really prominent, but how the each character respond the jokes are really amazing. The timing between their jokes and how they respond is really hit the spot.Especially Yabe Satoshi. Well, if you hear carefully you will realize that the seiyuu (Hiro Shimono) is an expert about this one (respond on the jokes) are the seiyuu for Akihisa from baka to test which we known are always use "respond" jokes and exaggerate respond. and for the OP and the ED, i didnt really notice it, since its just some catchy-child tones that i dont really like it. But how this story was about, its really fits with the anime itself.

Moving on to Character section, the main character in Mitsudomoe is the triplets marui and the new graduated teacher, Yabe Satoshi. for the triplets, there is Marui Mitsuba, Marui Futaba, and Marui Hitoha.

Marui Mitsuba is the eldest sister between three of them, she is someone who likes to torturing people or we can call the sadistic one. But for the eldest, she is somehow care for her younger sisters even she is didnt show it openly. She has obsession with being a king and more she proclaimed that she is a mature even though no people are really care about it.

Marui Futaba is the second daughter in Marui triplets, she has a weird obsession and it was Boobs (yeah, a 11 YEARS old that has obsession with boobs), even she was like that, she is so athletic errr... not athletic maybe the words that fits with her is "superhero power". She is able to destroy wall, table, or doors without any sweats and even she can run more faster than a scooter. Even she is strong like a superhero, she is kinda clumsy.

Marui Hitoha, the youngest sister in Marui Triplets, my favorite character. She is a taciturn girl which always carries a "glory" books. What i mean in glory book is PORN magazine. beside of her emotionless, introvert and taciturn. She is a being feared by the other sisters and even the other sisters not dare to make her angry.

Yabe Satoshi, is the homeroom teacher for the triplets. He always being a victim of the triplets. Not too much known for this character, since he was too normal for main character, maybe like Shinpachi from gintama.

Summary, every character in Mitsudomoe have their own unique personalities, from the one that really perverted, the one that has obsession with supernatural things, even into a several girls who claimed as the Hopeless squad. With each their uniqueness, it brings Mitsudomoe into a bunch of people with their unique personalities, and for me, its really amusing to watch all of the characters.

And the last, Mitsudomoe is something unique and keeps the viewer to watch it, with all the randomness that happen and all the unique personalities that all of the character have, you mustn't miss this funny anime. This anime always makes me laughing from the first episode to the last episode. I really recommend this.

Critize, comments, or any feedbacks are welcome. :)