Oct 20, 2008
Master10K (All reviews)
Wagaya no Oinari-sama is a Supernatural, Action, Comedy with a really typical set-up where some kind of spirit/supernatural being is forced to protect someone due to various circumstances. It’s a shame that the story is rather dull and full of lifeless misadventures.

It’s about two brothers who have just learnt about the Mizuchi Family, a lineage of Water ki users that they both are a part of and become aware that youkai (spirits/demons) are after one of them. So they have to awaken a fox deity in order to protect themselves. After the first episode the series goes for the very predictable option by having the fox deity (Kuugan) live with them along with another girl (Kou) to protect the Takagami brothers. From then the series is mostly episodic where they always indiscriminately get themselves involved in random problems, which usually ends rather anti-climatically but at least there’s a sense of progression. However even with adequate original source material, the series is littered with some lacklustre fillers that degrade the quality of the show. On the other hand the series really did a good job in mixing the ordinary day-to-day antics, with the supernatural aspect and the supernatural aspect itself is what made the show interesting in the first place, because it implemented Japanese tradition and Chinese philosophy well.

Just like how the ordinary aspect of the story has a tendency to get boring and repetitive, so do the dull ordinary characters. You have your Takagami brothers: Noboru the older brother who can be a bit of an annoying tightwad and the little brother Touru who can be far too carefree for his own good. There’s also some other girl who’s infatuated with the older brother but she is so pointless that I can’t even remember her name. On the other hand there are the supernatural characters who are really the only ones worth mentioning, because they add a lot to what would have been a dull series. Like Kuugan Tenko (Kuu) the fox deity with a whimsical personality and has 2 voice actors for an interesting reason, not to forget Kou a powerful sentinel with a great sense of duty. Sadly a lot of these important characters aren’t fleshed out as well as they should be.

With such mixed feelings about the characters, the only aspect I can feel strongly about is the great animation, which gives it a very vibrant look. Action scenes are fairly fluidly and the character designs follow the anime standard but still look great. The music though can be rather unnoticeable during the normal day-to-day antics although during all other situations it switches to a more traditional theme, which goes well with it. It’s a shame that the rubbish OP and ED themes don’t reflect this.

Overall Wagaya no Oinari-sama was for me an anime series with a lot of potential but it ended up using the typical episodic formula that made me lose interest. Important characters like Kuugan weren’t developed well enough, unimportant characters like Noboru were given far too much screen time and characters that became intriguing were instantly forgotten once their respective arc was finished. In the end the series does a poor job providing closure and even though a second season would help with just that, I personally wouldn’t waste my time watching any more of it.