Feb 25, 2013
cookieminx (All reviews)
Honestly I began watching the anime of after having read and fell in love with the manga. And I think it because of the order of them, that I couldn't't give the anime a higher mark than a 7. I began watching in December but after 18 eps I felt as if I was forcing to watch each I found these ones quite repetitive and found myself being easily distracted by other thing and I left it for over 2 months before telling myself I had to finish the rest. And I was hooked! 26 eps in under a day and yes I went totally fan girl (squeal and all) when Aine and Sakuya finally met! It is an older series and of course the animation or at least the version I watched was very poor quality and nothing to what we expect from more recent animus as was the audio but its worth sticking out if its something you find irritating as it does me.
But I would strongly recommend watching the anime then reading the manga to fully enjoy how great the anime really builds itself up into.