Feb 25, 2013
Koimoku (Manga) add (All reviews)
mementosan (All reviews)
This manga is a simple, no deep thinking is needed. Well thats what are the weak but also the strong points. But lets go review. The story is that a aspiring young manga artist Inamine Kouta is trying his all to make his debut in the manga industry.

Story (8/10):
Story is not the strongest point of this manga but because this simpleness its also a good manga for people which don`t like to read manga with deep meanings.
But it doesn`t mean its a manga for simpletons. It evolves pretty quickly and there are many possibilities to make a even more addicted manga from it.

Art (10/10):
The art is for lovers of Im Dal Young work like Freezing or Legend of Maian. Pretty girls with huge "Cleavage", great facial expressions and many ecchi scenes.

Character (9/10):
The characters are pretty straight. Simple, lazy, clumsy, hardworking...
All of them express how is their character. Each character has his background
which will be later revealed. But they have each they own appeal.

Enjoyment (9/10):
Well for everyone who likes flashy ecchi busty girls which almost in every chapter reveal their "intimate parts". There is much fun and ecchiness, so everyone who enjoy Im Dal Young other works would also enjoy this one.

Overall (9/10):
This manga is like a ecchi comedy of serious life of aspiring manga artist with many small side stories. You would love it or if not at least you would enjoy it for relax type of manga without deep thinking. And the beautiful girls and hardworking guys would help you to fall in love with this manga.