Oct 17, 2008
Mugiwara-Pyon (All reviews)
Story: Yagami Light finds a death note (which looks like a note book) lying on the ground and he picks up and discovers the truth of the death note.When u write a persons name in it they will die in 40 secs of a heart attack if their death is not written in detail. Light is a genius and his plans and plots to "eliminate" evil are just perfect..the way he plans on how to use the note book even when "L" who is this detective person(and is also a genius) is on his back suspecting that hes the one behind all the strange heart attacks of the prisoners that has done crime before i dont wanna tell u more because that'd prolly be spoilers haha oh and theres not much humour.but its still awesome

Art:Its quite good.They dont have any chibi cute moments but the art is pretty good

Sound:Hmmm the sound isnt that bad.The laughing and all sounds pretty realistic to me haha

Character: Light and L are just totally lovable! u will love either one of them for sure..with their pure genius plans and plots to take down each other(they call the killer kira) who ever gets the name of each will be the end for one of them XD

Enjoyment: i have to say i enjoyed it alot.But to me i didnt reli like the ending.