Oct 17, 2008
ejala (All reviews)
You know, I did try. For a long time I just ignored this series, too long, peculiar premise, no time. I finally ran into the first few volumes at the library and gave in. Why not? I thought. The whole series is out in English, the library actually has them, I enjoy Inuyasha and this is Rumiko Takahashi's other famous work. It can't be that bad, now can it?
Well, that depends on your taste. Ranma 1/2 is a comedy. A rather plotless, inane comedy filled with slapstick and truly horrible puns. (Shampoo, granddaughter of Cologne? Yeesh.) And it is indeed reminiscent of Inuyasha, though, that really should be the other way around-Ranma came first. The art is markedly similar, Takahashi-san does have a unique, enjoyable style, and it hasn't changed greatly over the years. Neither has her sense of humor; the comedic interludes of Inuyasha immediately sprang to mind as I read. But there was nothing else to pull you in. No clearly defined antagonist (Random romantic rivals coming out of the woodwork, but no villain or even anything close.), no particularly sympathetic protagonist (Ranma? Bit of a jerk, really. And the whole lot act like idiots on a regular basis.), and not much of a plot. Boy and girl forced into arranged marriage. Boy also changes sex involuntarily. Stuff happens.
Five volumes was more than enough for me. Your mileage may vary.