Oct 16, 2008
isikaru (All reviews)
I have nothing personal against this anime or people who like it...but...I didn't think it was very good at all. It was completely underdeveloped: the story, characters, everything. And it seems little effort was put into it. Not that you can expect a lot from a two episode show, but they could have done better than THAT. It wasn't put together well enough for me to get anything out of it. Maybe that's why they call it an OVA, 'cause you're supposed to play the game first, but still...At least with other OVAs I'm able to get the gist of the story and enjoy them a little bit. I'd expect much more in both the story and quality of an OVA made in 2006.

I give it a 5. It just was not worth my time. Definitely not my thing. If you like the style of the game and really cliche shounen-ai stuff, you could possibly enjoy this somewhat.