Feb 16, 2013
KunoYuna (All reviews)
I have reread the manga multiple times, hoping that my opinion would change. Since I read mangas online, I have not finished the series. But I have read through chapter 35 or so.
I really hate Misao. I'm not gonna summarize it b/c the summary is already available.
But I really hate Misao. "Kyo-kun! Kyo-kun! Oh! Kyo-kun!" I swear, she really pisses me off. She's weak. She doesn't do anything at all, but be the damsel in distress and the "Holy Fruit." Read it and you'll understand. I feel that most of the female heroines in Shoujo mangas [with a few exceptions] misrepresent females in general. Not all females are weak and useless and cry and cry and only rely on some drop dead gorgeous guy. But really, I don't like her.
But it's not just her. I don't like the plot of the story as well. It's interesting some times and I was only reading it for Kyo [b/c he's ACTUALLY likeable], but the plot itself is weak.
So yeah... didn't really like it. I recommend it anyhow b/c I'm the type of girl who doesn't like females like that, but others might. So at least it's recommendable.