Feb 15, 2013
Dolphinx (All reviews)
I have surprisingly fallen in love with this manga.

The mangaka has done a great job in expressing the character's personality that moves the story on. It can be a bit boring for people as it can be too calm, and the troubles they face are not exaggerated like most mangas.

This manga displays elegance and innocent by one character that completely (in my opinion) draws me in. Also both characters both thinks maturely that it would be a rare sight to see them act otherwise, but their inner thoughts and reaction can be quite cute and refreshing; i love it.

One is lazy yet beautiful, cute, innocent and elegant that his laziness is forgivable. While the other guy can be very arrogant yet he can be the most caring and considerable guy in the world.

I recommend this manga by people who is not looking for a dramatic relationship brewed between two couples. The theme is mature and it wouldn't hurt to give it chance. :)