Feb 12, 2013
BatSurfer (All reviews)
After seeing the super fast paced prequel or original/beginning of this anime,(no idea how to organize them on MAL since the production is all out of order); I was readily excited to view more of the same. Unfortunately I got something different.

The plot seems to be in each episode standalone of whacky happenings that lead to no where and nothing. There is no set up, no movement, just random senseless activities. I tried my best to put pieces together, but nothing came up. It wasn't a rubix cube and none of the pieces fit. So what did I figure? Nothing. All this anime has become is an excuse to make whacky experimental shorts. No substance at all. I was left drawing blanks left and right. So what do I give something that isn't there?

Story ?/10 still waiting I suppose

The art style and color scheme is what drew me in with the previous production along with somewhat of a plot. But really, I loved the original and this as well for its art. It was zany and had vibrant sequences as well as cut edge angles and sequences. The colors were far out of the norm that you typically get with an standard anime presentation. I'm a fan of zany and art house animation so I kept on going for that sake.

Art 7.5/10

I've actually been reading the manga and it actually had some sensibility in it as far as the plot went. The characters actually had a purpose and the setting was somewhat interesting, but none of that transferred over into the anime. They do nothing here. So they feel as though they just are.

Characters ?/10

In the end the only reason I even stuck around with this was the hopes that the plot I had previously read in the manga would eventually develop. But sadly it never did. I rate this purely off of my enjoyment for zany art house animation and the silliness presented. I never felt like the producers made sense of the series and I've no idea what they were trying to present. If it is just the animation,(which I truly feel it is); then they have succeeded in that light. I'd recommend the manga as it has very sharp art style even better than the anime. I just hope more chapters are made because there is a plot for it.

Overall 5/10