Feb 11, 2013
Krzysztex (All reviews)
I was waiting for this to happen. Cardfight: Vanguard finally has a full-size plot.
In former series the characters just participated in tournaments and rescued the world (or even entire universe). Now they are at school, starting their own cardfighting club.
I like the new plot mainly because it features life of high-school students (a very popular theme in manga and anime). There are new characters and some background characters now become foreground. What's more I think that the characters have become some kind of more mature (they are in high-school after all).
I think that art has slightly improved compared to the former series.
What is really good about this series is that it simply makes me laugh. It's just funny.
I really hope for some more 'slice of life' themes in the upcoming episodes, though playing 'Vanguard' still remains the main theme for the series.
For those who like Trading Card Games it's really worth watching.