Feb 5, 2013
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angelsreview (All reviews)
Well, I can hear your guys hate that I’m doing another one shot but they are easier to read. I really did like the story line for this one, pretty much mixing supernatural action’s with love and courage undertones. The bad thing about this… IT COULD BE LONGER! They have such a great story that this could be made that much longer and actually have a series maybe to play around with but they don’t! They leave it on a cliff hanger. To me, that’s just lazy creating. If you have a story that is short, then don’t make it as good as this to the point that the reader is going to want to read more. That makes it lose stars in my thought.

The artwork is alright, basically average actually. We have Sara with his white spiky hair that makes him look like his the child of Yugi from Yugioh and Allan from D.Gray Man.