Feb 3, 2013
OtakuFox43 (All reviews)
Story-8: I have to admit, the story for this series is pretty interesting. A girl who is completely straight, but goes to an all-girl school and is constantly hit on by girls and has rumors spread about her that she's a lesbian queen who's slept with over 5,000 girls? You've gotta be pretty creative to come up with something like that. I've never heard of a story like this but that just made the manga all the more enjoyable to me!

Art-8: I love the way the artist draws this series, the characters are all anatomically proportionate, the eyes are beautifully drawn as well as the clothes and the scenery for the rest of the background. The author did a wonderful job with this series and I'm looking forward to seeing more new characters in future chapters.

Character-7: The characters are all pretty alright in my opinion, the only one that really stands out is the main heroine of the story, Yuriko. Other then her, the rest of the characters all seem to just be 'one-chapter' characters and don't really seem to have anything special about them. I would've given them a lower score if the main character hadn't been so amusing during the whole story!

Enjoyment-9: Truthfully, Yuri was never my cup of tea at first but now that's started to change. I have to say, I really enjoyed this manga series. I'm looking forward to more chapters being scanned and translated into English. There are plenty of funny moments and a few mature moments here and there but this manga is very enjoyable!

Overall-8: Overall, this manga is worth reading, but I must warn you, this manga has mature moments, such as sexual situations, and you will be able to clearly see the character's nipples. But if you can get past the partial nudity, the lesbian relationships, and the ecchi moments, you'll find yourself with a funny manga worth reading! There are only four chapters out right now but I have faith that there will be more chapters coming out so give this manga a read if you want ^^