Feb 2, 2013
Kuandohan (All reviews)
"Tokyo Marble Chocolate" is a very heart warming story of a woman and a man who believe in their hearts that they can never keep a relationship going.
Today is the day that they will confess all of their emotions to each other... But, there are a few problems. One being a miniature donkey.

Based off of the eponymous manga.

This story is told in a very unique and intelligent way, for the two days this film represents.
Episode 1 is from the View point of the woman.
Episode 2 is from the View point of the man.
There are details in either that make each episode make sense, this is a very well thought out script.
There's quite a bit of humor in the episodes as well, it's very cute.
You can watch either episode in whatever order you like, it doesn't matter. I actually think episode 2 would have been a better episode to watch first.

I think the ending of the series is a bit abrupt, but that's just me.
At least the credits do provide some closure (You'll see what I mean when you see it).

The art style of this animation is very warm, and has a watercolor feel to it. Very reminiscent of Honey and Clover's style. I loved it, and it really helped create a great atmosphere for the show.

The classical style in the music fits the emotions of the characters very well. The sound effects are very well done.
The sieyuu definitely fit their parts.
Overall, very satisfying.

For a short series, the establishment of character was very well done.
Both Yuudai and Chizuru are very similar.

Chizuru has a low self esteem when it comes to relationships, and wants to break off the relationship after having a great date, because she feels like she will hurt him too the extent of it no being wroth it. Or at least that's what happened in previous relationships.

Yuudai also has a low self esteem when it comes to relationships, or, you could say has a low self esteem when it comes to anything. His past relationships show him getting scared of a, semi-pig-dog (Weird I know) animal, getting threatened by some punks and getting saved by his Girlfriend, and never having the courage to say "Daisuki" in a reasonable amount of time.

Different events that all boil down to the same conclusion.

No self confidence. Will it be mended? You'll have to watch to find out.

The atmosphere of the production is very kind, warm, comfortable as well as heartwarming.


If you really enjoy Josei manga, or romance anime, you will like this production. If you enjoy love stories, you will like this.
If you like anything warm, it's worth watching.

It's the kind of family production you could watch with anyone, your Girlfriend, your parents, your kids, except for maybe macho males, but everyone needs a bit of warmth in their heart. Especially when it's about something universal. Dating.

I highly recommend this production based on its great atmosphere and very unique and well thought out direction.