Jan 30, 2013
KiritoKun (All reviews)
Shinyaku Ookami ga Kuru! (Formerly known as Ookami ga Kuru!) has been one of the few manga's that I've kept up with religiously, even though it was a long wait between chapters. After waiting for so long for it to be fully translated, it snuck up on me and was finished while I was in a hectic period in my life aha! Anyways, finally finishing this manga I feel incredibly satisfied, having enjoyed every single chapter up to the very end.

Story: While the story has been archaic in a sense at times, it always had the goal of figuring out what the vampires were doing and what KIRCHE's purpose really was. It had great arch's, if a bit disconnected at times, but each arc was incredible. The setting of Germany was a breath of fresh air since most manga are set on some remote insane location or Japan. The German was also an interesting touch, making it feel more authentic to itself.

My only complaint would be Mr. Boss and Sirius' pasts were revealed incredibly rushed at the very end, clumped together with no real rhyme or reason. Their pasts were incredible, but horrible placement. Other than that, the story was solid, just some pacing and placement issues here and there.

Art: This is what got me to read this manga in the first place. I saw it on a reader site at a glance and the art style appealed to me greatly. After seeing the main protagnist whipping around two pistols like a total badass I was hooked. It also has a nice "olden" style to it that you don't see very often and it is done very well.

Character: I liked the characters a lot with this series. Sirius was my ideal protagnist, not over powered yet powerful enough to keep growing through out the series. His adaptability was his main strength and that really appealed to me as a reader. Mr. Boss was a good partner/boss for Sirius, keeping him in line and helping him through troublesome situations. Beate, while being abducted every dang arc, was a pretty good heroine, she was likeable, quirky and a rather unique air in the fact she was crazy about occult, but not the bad kind of crazy that is trying to perform demon rituals at midnight in their bedroom under the bed. The villans/adversaries were rather well written, if a little short lived since it was mainly arcs the entire story, but they were developed enough to feel their motivations or drives that caused them to be the "villan".

Enjoyment: I had a blast, really simple actually aha. I enjoyed this manga from the beginning to the end and I finished it with no regrets other than I'll miss Sirius and his badassery.

Overall: As I said, great manga, not perfect, but fun enough to read, especially since its actually fully translated! The characters are fun, the art is rather unique, and the story is alright in its own right.