Jan 25, 2013
Gaijin-san (All reviews)
SAO just like Milky holmes is a psychological delicacy that is undermined within the mainstream media as being a moe trash piece of garbage which when in fact it is really a genre defining academic text which would drive the most literally minded academics insane over the deep and complex issues conveyed of perpetual identity, symbolic relational symbolism, alternative character constructions and exploration through modern sociological issues within the show not to mention the ground breaking visuals which would send the most post modern shaft style shows to shame.

Honestly i could spend hours unravelling and discussing the deep psychophysical themes of Tantei Opera Milky Holmes and in the perfect world i would but simply if you cannot objective agree that Tantei Opera Milky Holmes is a shining light among the generic money-pinching crap of contemporary modern anime-visuals and objectively deserves nothing less then a masterpiece 10/10 ranking you then have considerably shit taste and i feel for you.