Jan 21, 2013
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This anime…


This masterpiece,

is a revolutionary work of art that epitomizes the pinnacle of outstanding animation, deep character interaction, and well-crafted plot development. With thought-provoking themes intermixed with deep, symbolic undertones that would bring greats such as Poe and Kerouac to their knees, Inferno Cop is an instant classic that will make its mark in history.

The story covers such a wide array of dramatic and moral tales of bravery and enlightenment that it puts Homer’s epics, The Iliad and The Odyssey, to shame. From a highly emotional legal drama to a deep, symbolic conflict with an omnipotent cult, Inferno cop includes many classic themes that have lasted the test of time. Moreover, the story perfectly umbrellas its allegorical aspects with a modern perspective: the police genre. Trouncing other works of the same focus, Inferno cop masterfully mends together this atmosphere with social messages regarding the dangers of technology and zombies.

Story: 10/10

Simply put, the animation is sublime. The attention to detail in terms of angles and movement makes fluidly animated shows like Nichijou seem like rough drafts of the final product. The gritty comic book art style brings the atmosphere to life, and explosions are as grand as those of a Hollywood production.

Art: 10/10

One word describes the voice acting of Inferno Cop: Passionate. From the deep, borderline-orgasmic voice of the narrator to the riveting dialogue between Inferno Cop and his foes, the voice acting crew poured much more than their souls into creating this jewel. The OST has a great variety of catchy tunes, from a touching piano piece to adrenaline-pumping rock instrumentals. The ending, sung in German by Juriano Hagiwara and composed by Daisuke Horita, is probably my favorite song from this decade, if not of all time.

Sound: 10/10

The characters compliment the story like peanut butter does to jelly. Each character’s role in thwarting Inferno Cop’s endeavors to become the picturesque messenger of justice is well-developed, such as Mr. Judge and his flawless legal jargon or FBI. Even better, characters that are as well planned out as Mr. Judge serve as segues into controversial moral debates regarding the definitions of good and evil or the corruption of the legal system. Ultimately, every character serves their purpose to augment the overall experience.

Characters: 10/10

I’m not going to lie; I probably almost passed out from laughing.

In fact, my friends on skype probably thought I was going mentally insane, which I probably am. And to this show’s credit, I found out that I can laugh in around 8 different ways. I will look forward to every single episode remaining as it skyrockets to the top of my priority list.
Enjoyment: 10/10

Pure fun. Isn’t that what entertainment is all about? Inferno Cop serves its purpose in every way, and I urge, no, COMMAND everybody to watch this masterpiece right now.

Overall 10/10.

Note: I apologize for writing this review before the completion of the series. I couldn't hold back my enthusiasm, so I hope you can forgive me.