Jan 20, 2013
noodlepower (All reviews)
This was perhaps the one of the most touching things I've watched this new year.

If you are a person that likes everything explained and wrapped up nicely in a neat little box, you're not going to like this. However, if you're the type that can enjoy an endearing and heartwarming story, then I promise you won't hate it.

A bit about the plot first - aliens invade the world and attack once a day. Only one boy has the power to fight the aliens but he's lost his memories.

Anything regarding the aliens or why only Kakashi can fight them goes unanswered - and I suppose that's mostly because the aliens are the not main point of this story. I interpreted the aliens to be a metaphor for Kakashi struggling against himself. I can't tell you why without giving away the end.

This story asks a question: is the world a kind place?

Kakashi is happy with his new life but he is forced to wonder, does he have friends? Are there people who truly care about him? Why does he have to fight everyday? What happens if he chooses not to fight?

It's a very touching although short story.

The anime is a mix of animation/comic style artwork. Personally, I found it to be rather refreshing with beautiful artwork. It was definitely stylistic and eye-catching, though there were some odd angles but to me it just made the art even more interesting.

And the music... ok, there was a scene where Erik Satie's Gymnopedie started playing and it was like... just perfect. The scene mixed with the music created this heartwarming feeling.

This particular anime is not for everyone. I will say that. But if you're open to something completely different from the norm, and want to see a story that's both happy and sad, then this is the one for you. And I can honestly say, that I started this anime with a frown on my face but by the end, I had a smile.