Oct 3, 2008
mcjazzman32 (All reviews)
Magikano is the purest example of how cookie-cutter genre anime can go horribly wrong. You have pretty much every clichéd plot device and character you can think of stuffed into 12 episodes, revolving around a story that ranges from mediocre to just plain bad. The original storyline goes away after 2 episodes to carry on with oppressively obvious filler until they finally get to the point near the end.

The funniest thing about Magikano is that the things that come up in the anime often only help to destroy itself. For instance, the main character, Haruo, is a clichéd dummy who’s a total wuss, but somehow every hot girl surrounding him, even his own sisters, want him – the typical harem environment right? However, he doesn’t know that he has “strong magical powers” and his sisters don’t want him to get freaked out by their magic, so whenever he sees them actually use magic, they hit him upside the head with a “magical hammer” so he forgets everything he saw. Here’s the problem though: if the sisters keep knocking him out and resetting his brain, then his character never grows and advances. It’s like watching episode 1 all over again! Another example is the female lead, Ayumi. She has to help Haruo discover his power before a curse on her ends up destroying her. However, throughout the anime, she treats him like a weak clown (which he is), so while we’re supposed to be buying into the idea that they can get closer, all it does is make the viewer think they look more like brother and sister, so no matter what, the ending will never work!

The characters are fine – but there’s nothing unique about any of them, so they’re forgettable at best. The voice acting leaves something to be desired and the story drags and drags, trying to be funny, but hardly even close. There is some charm to it, which is what allowed me to watch all 12 episodes without giving it up, but that’s all there is to be said about it.

Try something better. That’s the simplest recommendation I can give. It’s not as bad as Kimi ga Nozomu Eien or Final Approach, but it’s not even in the same hemisphere as good harem anime like Love Hina or Ah! My Goddess.