Jan 13, 2013
KevyVuong (All reviews)
While this is my fourth hentai, episode one was somewhat good, but then episode two and three started to really become twisted. Especially, episode three. Man, I just hate when girls get raped like this as well as wanted more. Girls would call the cops or running away from rape, but the directors are fantasizing was too much. An orgy or construction workers with one cute girl, I just hate when cute girls become sluts. Just really, the sound and story development are twisted, but the art and character suggest this hentai to be an old hentai, 6 or 7 years ago? Me being a simple sex kinda guy, I don't like how the girls in this hentai become sluts. It is going to remind me of teenagers these days who just offer their virginity for money. Sick, my personal opinion was not meant to make people hate me, but it's my point of view of this hentai.

This hentai does have a story plot to it, however really twisted. Sound, art, and character are a work of 2008 but it's begging to become better. I don't enjoy it a lot as there was a forceful character who raped however he pleases because he didn't want people to believe that he was homosexual. Then, last episode featured orgies that where formed from the sexual arousal of a girl who wanted to be violated. But turns out there were more people (which I hate). Overall, I gave it a 5 since I couldn't stand watching cute girls get raped like that, becoming sluts just so feel aroused. Don't bother reading my review if you disagree, but I shouldn't have watched this