Jan 13, 2013
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Alright, first thing you should know if youre thinking about watching this is that is is BDSM and a bunch of other stuff that some people might find hard to watch. Basically what happens is a guy and his girlfriend win a trip to this big-ass mansion, but while there they find out that it is some crazy sex joint and all the women want this guy so hes happy to oblige them. Now there are alot of different fetishes that are covered in this, and maybe you are thinking that you dont want to see this because of the subjsect matter. Well I throught that too but this is different from alot of other hentai with the whole bdsm torture themes, i cant really say what it is but i think its how the story is presented that makes it so good. Also the females arent to hard on the eyes either so you might as well go or it and watch it.