Jan 10, 2013
Hyperbolic33 (All reviews)
Story (6): The story is about Saito who gets into a top school in order to be reunited with his childhood friend Subaru, the only problem is she is cold as hell towards him. Later we find our Subaru is simply just a perverted tsundere. The story isn't anything particular special, it has supernatural elements with Ura no Kami granting the two the wish to connect their rooms and leading to the loss of Subaru's self control, but the supernatural elements get lost along the way in place of Saito and Subaru's perverted daily routines. The story feels quite fast paced, as it's only 5 chapters, and it's kind of a love conquers all cliche, and the ending was a total cop out. All in all the story is mediocre, but the two characters interactions are perverted and funny.

Art (9): The art to me is the strong point of this manga. Subaru is cute as hell and the backgrounds are nicely detailed, especially during the marriage interview scenes.

Character (7): I love Saito he's just taking the whole situation as it comes, and although Subaru's tsundere personality is slightly annoying at times her perverted side is A+. The characters are kind of vanilla, but they're not bad.

Enjoyment (8): I liked it a lot, it was pervy and that's always an A in my book.

Overall (7): I give this a 7 because I actually enjoyed it. The plot was mildly interesting, the characters were fun to watch interact and it was ecchi. What more could you ask for?