Jan 7, 2013
KanameSempai (All reviews)
Well...what should I say about this OVA?Too rushed!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend you all to read the manga first because I swear it's better and you will enjoy youself more!

Story : 7
Well, the story itself is very beautiful and warming about the development of two middle schoolers which fell in love for the 1st time (in manga).
Judging by the fact the OVA is only 18 minutes, you barely get a thing of what's going on there.

Art : 4
Quality 0.The artwork is, in my own opinion, somewhere between so-so and terrible,I don't like it at all!!! I mean, it's as if you're playing a dating sim on a video game console . Compared with mangaka's impeccable artwork, this OVA is a dissapointment. I firstly thought it is a fan work because it didn't seem professional at all (for example, the characters's hair color : the 'light' it is spread in all directions which it makes it look unnatural).
The character's moves are stiff (that's maybe because the scenes are TOOO short -> for example : he helps her tying her hair up and 2 seconds later he hugs her tightly and after another 2 seconds he's gone. I was like "wtf?"I mean, it should have been doki-doki and warm.Instead, it feels like I watched a magic see a scene, you clap, another scene. If I wouldn't have read the manga, I swear I'd be dumbfounded the whole episode)

Character : 5
As I said, the artwork is kind of disappointing and , in my opinion, that's a minus for a character development in those 18 minutes of this OVA.
The characters doesn't trasmit anything, especially their eyes.They seemed empty...completely opposite of manga.

Enjoyment : 2
The company which worked for this episode should have reconsidered making an 13 episode anime instead of an OVA.It's a waste of time to watch this, really...

Overall : 4
I expected more of this series but well,that's it. Please,instead, read the manga!It's very beautiful!