Jan 6, 2013
Inferno Cop comes to us from Studio Trigger, the studio Mr. Gurren Lagann Imaishi set up after he got sick of things at Gainax. This is the first anime they've put out, simply as Youtube releases. My guess is this is one of those small projects a company does so they can get used to the creation process. Lots of companies do this. Release small product where success doesn't matter at all. It's just a learning process so they know how to structure the creation process internally. But, given that this comes from those crazy ex-Gainax guys, what they produced turned out to be inspired.

The gist of Inferno Cop is that it’s a hilariously awful exaggeration of manly 2000 AD-esque cyberpunk cop bullshit, where the lead character is some hard-nosed brutal arm of the law in the same vein of Judge Dredd or Robocop. Inferno Cop is taking a step back from these cyberpunk police shows and realising how silly they really are. Inferno Cop drives a flaming police car. That’s totally the kind of thing you’d see in those kinds of shows, but placed in the Inferno Cop setting is where you realise how dumb it really is.

Inferno Cop is entertainment satire in the same vein as Daily Lives of Highschool Boys or Detroit Metal City. It destruction of an entire genre is glorious to behold, and startling considering its complete lack of budget. It's achievements are even better when you compare it to the utter failure of every other short show from 2013. If only they had the same fantastic writing behind Inferno Cop.

Final score: Inferno Cop/Inferno Cop
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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