Jan 4, 2013
tarca7 (All reviews)
I know its a bit early to be writing a review of a show after only five episodes but I've already made up my mind about it. It is quite a funny anime with a fair bit of nudity (which for me is a good thing). The plot so far is kind of non-existent but i suppose with the ecchi/ harem genre it is hard to get a good plot in. The major drawback for me (personal opinion) is a character called Kazuharu Fukuyama who I guess was added to give the show to give it more comedy but instead ruins it for me. He just pops up every five minuets to grope the main girls and it just becomes extremely frustrating as it happens in the middle of EVERY conversation in the anime and just removes any serious/ romantic elements it had going. That said it is hard to stop watching, good anime with a major flaw in the characters.