Jan 2, 2013
stickymuffins (All reviews)
First of all, my opinion:
Jesus Christ. A second episode of this series has not even realeased yet and I am quite sure this is the most shcoking and disgusting hentai I have ever seen, no wait, it just disgusted and shocked ME to no end. But do not get me wrong, I do not mean disgusting in the sense of lewd and extreme sexual acts, murder (maybe) or gore, I mean the blatant disregard for the death of a (cute) loved one, deceit, very weak women and the fucked up fellow that has a innocent and pure relationship with them via girlfriend and sister. He"s fucked up because hes content on watching them get taken by other men (whom he also had a friendly relationship with) rather than manning up and destroying the shit out of them. He notices this and I believe he will do drastic things soon. Also a sister of his dies in the start of the episode and really NO-ONE seemed to care after the first few minutes, what the fuck?
This literally killed an chance of getting an erecton for me for like 3 hours. But I got over the shock masturbated over it anyway because the scenes were actually quite good.

Watch it if you enjoy cuckold,