Dec 31, 2012
Nasty001 (All reviews)
Happy New Year to all of you out there, ok so it's yet to be a new year here in Mexico but in a few moment from now it will be, so I'm preparing my little friend a Glock 9, yes here in some dark recess of Tijuana Mexico when we say we celebrate the New Year with a bang, we really do mean with a BANG!!! But enough of that, so let get down to business, so what we have here is a sequel from the season 2 of the parent anime "To Love Ru," except this has more to do with Momo's plan to organize Rito's harem, TBH this sequel has no story in it just a setting and a chaotic plot which was centered around Momo's plans for Rito's harem with a little bit of arcs that comes to Rito every now and then which is pretty usual from the season 2. And that's as good as it gets, oh, and there are still those unusual circumstances where the Rito get's into which always spells 'TROUBLE." So for the story I give it a "Decent 4." because the chaotic plot was compensated by the comedy and ecchi genre.

Art and sound: Mediocre 5.

As usual there is that boob flashing, close up panty shots and close up booty calling that are censored just like from it's previous sequel , so to be able to view this anime without the censored, it's advisable to wait about a 1 year after it's airing, since the links would now show this anime uncensored, but that still depends on the link that one might have access to. Co'z some links still maintains archive anime whose intense ecchi genre are censored. as for the sound, I just don't have any comment about it.

Character and Enjoyment: Fair 6.

Thought, this sequel goes against the Lala X Rito arc with Haruna on the side, it very clear that in this sequel one must now forget the Lala X Rito X Haruna arc and focus on the Momo X Rito arc with Mea on the side. The arc may contradict the usual arc of the 1st season, but here the new arc is not bad at all in fact it was nice that Rito gets to have something different, however I still hate it that Rito still hasn't got the balls to confess his feelings for Haruna.
Now, I do notice that Yami was supposed to be the main character here, but it kind of looks like that what she does is no different from what she usually does from season 2, the only that charge was the amount of aired time she has. It is quiet disappointing that studio Xebec tends to mislead about that character set up, co'z it looks more like that Rito, Momo and Mea are the real main character's here than Yami, besides wasn't this sequel titled "To Love Ru: Darkness?" In which we the audience were expecting that Yami was suppose to be the main protagonist here, but instead a new comer 'Mea" is the one taking the spot light here as the antagonist, other than that nothing much has change about the other characters in this sequel. The enjoyment part is basically revolves around that ecchi and the comedy genre which was usual from season 1 to season 2. But, it was Momo who serves as the driving force of this sequels comedy aspect, thought it was also a disappointment that we the audience never get to see Mea's boss, with that and the chaotic plot I limit it to just 6.

Overall: Poor 3.

It is probably safe to say that the 1st season was better than the 2nd and this 3rd season. Because in the 1st season thought it does share that same usual genre, the executions were different, season 1's plot basically follow an organize scenario while season 2's plot was based on a per episode basis, and in this sequel the plot is on Momo's harem plan for Rito, but generally everything is on Momo. Also, about this sequel's title was a bit misleading co'z on paper it was titled "To Love Ru: Darkness", but it looks like studio Xebec unofficially titled it "To Love Ru 3," now I can't say if the "3" in what we see as the last word for this anime's title is a Japanese katagana symbol for "Ru" or is it actually "3" as in the number 3. Then again who cares? Well, I wish everyone to have a prosperous year for 2013.

Well, the bullets for my Glock 9 have just arrive we'll be doing some aerial shooting once the clock hits 12 midnight to celebrate 2013, man I wish I could use it to shoot that MAL user that pisses me off, if I can locate him. If that SOB is reading this you know who you are.