Sep 27, 2008
Retro8bit (All reviews)
Well being that this title is so short, there isn't really too much to touch up on.

Quite frankly this video is made for Clamp fans, the theme song that plays is titled "action!" It has quite a lovely beat to it, and you will find all of Clamp's recent work here done in sharp well animated scenes. Characters ranging from the more popular titles such as Cardcaptor Sakura, Angelic Layer and Rayearth. To the less well known such as Miyuki-chan in Wonderland, Legal Drug and even the manga only Kobato! Over all the video is fun and entertaining, though I did have one tiny complaint with it. They didn't have the Clamp worlds interact with one another like they did in the first video, instead all you see is the two Mokona's visiting them. Regardless though, if you are a Clamp fan you will love this music video, if your not......then this will probably make you more intersted about their work. So again to recap:

All the Clamp characters rolled into one video, nuff said! Catchy j-pop song. Beautiful artwork! If you loved the original, then you will love this one!

(Mokona's aside) The characters don't crossover into each others worlds like they did in the first. More popular characters get more air time then the less known. Not quite as well planned out compared the original Clamp in Wonderland.