Dec 27, 2012
Stark700 (All reviews)
Guns, war, violence, deals, allies, enemies, and loyalty. What do all these words have in common? If the word, “sequel” also pops into your mind, then you guessed right because Jormungand gets a season 2 and rightfully deserves it! Jormungand: Perfect Order returns with Koko Hekmatyar along the alpha crew in this sequel and presents what they do best: making deals and kicking ass.

Jormungand: Perfect Order is the direct sequel of the original series, Jormungand that debuted a few month after its original ending. The sequel is written by the same author Keitaro Takahashi with White Fox handling its animation and Geneon doing the production. The series continues off from its prequel and follows Koko Hekmatyar along with her fellow crew including Jonah.

To refresh some things, Koko still plays her role as a young arms dealer. She retains her independent personality that can be seen as playful, cunning, deceptive, but at the same time also ruthless when the events calls for it. Her profession remains dangerous as it's not only involves dealing with other armed individuals but the fact that it's technical illegal under normal jurisdictions. As such, Koko often comes in terms with conflict where it's least expected. Luckily for her though is her crew and Jonah who are always by her side to support her work.

The series continues to follow a journey type of scenario. In this sequel though, the story enhances itself with its development especially in the latter half regarding the Jormungand project. But besides that, other supporting characters gets highlights even from the very beginning such as Hex and R. In fact, this focus on more supporting characters works out for the better as we can see more development from others besides just Koko and Jonah. Unfortunately though, their times are short due to the length of the series. Yet, their moments in the series captured their highlights well and expresses just how dangerous the world of Jormungand can be.

The dynamic duo of Koko and Jonah once again becomes entertaining to watch. At first, it's lighthearted and comedic with the usual raccoon-like expressions from both characters. Later on though, we get a bit more serious as Koko reveals her plan for world peace but not without a cost. This cost will result in both physical and emotional pain as Jonah views Koko's ways of executing her actions as a bit more immoral. She is an arms dealer who deals with weapons that causes destruction. Yet at the same time, she wishes to end destruction to the world and bring world peace. This all comes at a cost.

Like its original series, Jormungand: Perfect Order does pack the action including those road war and full throttle shootouts. Most of happens quite fast and captures the violence of what being an arms dealer is all about because it's a dangerous profession. As result, expect blood being spilled, alliances shattered, and even deaths. At times however, the series slows with what almost seems like fillers such as the episode with Dr. Miami. But the story of this sequel progresses well with its pacing. Despite some of the slow movements, it gets to the point especially later on when Koko's brother, Kasper gets involved with the crew. He is the man that Jonah loathes because of what happened to his past. Yet in this season, a strange alliance later forms between them that shows how far some characters have come in the series. Let's not also forget Chequita who represents herself as one of the most proficient bodyguards known in HCLI with her skills in handling armed weaponry.

The business of trading weapons are still present but seems to rather diminish a bit in this sequel. Luckily, it retains its realism and that being the modern times and military gadgets. The fighter planes, anti-aircraft weaponry, and rockets are all realistic and present in today's real world. Similarly, the characters themselves are depicted with realism. The way they are dressed for their profession and their skills of handling various weaponry are often presented in the series. As such, their skills are protrayed as well in handling such weapons with various skills levels between each crew member. To add on the fun part of the mix are the priceless expressions in the form of those grins, smiles, and laughs curtsey of Koko with her crew.

The series also continues to the idea of teamwork and how it is crucial for its members to cooperate in order to succeed in missions. In the latter half of the series, Jonah is presented with a situation where the idea presented to him isn't what he likes to hear. As such, a strain sorts is put between him and Koko. It is a bit sad to watch given everything we've seen between the likeable duo especially since the bond is not romance but as loving partners.

In terms of artwork, I would say that White Fox does it again and that means a clear job on the animation department. As mentioned before, the series takes place in modern times and everything is drawn to match its themes. The characters' and their outfits fits within their professions coupled with their figures that show why they are part of the crew. Although it looks a bit dirty at times, it works out right and portrays Jormungand: PO at its finest. I appreciate it and White Fox deserves some praise.

The soundtrack is once again well performed by the choreographer of the series, Taku Iwasaki. He has already done work in related fields such as Gurren Lagann, R.O.D. The TV, and Soul Eater. All of these series have in common with the soundtrack involving fast paced action during intense scenes. The rap beatings and electronic blues are what makes Jormungand: Perfect Order intense. It's well done. The opening song, "UNDER/SHAFT" by Maon Kurosaki is also well orchestrated that demonstrates the theme of Jormungand just like season 1. Oh and let's not forget the previews of each episode that fans adore. Her name is Koko, she is Loco, I said oh no~

Ultimately, Jormungand: Perfect Order is a nice series which deserves a score of 8. Although slow at times, it makes it up with its insightful character cast where even supporting characters get their own spotlights. The ability to fuse together action and comedy in a series such as this is difficult but the directors did their jobs right this time around. It's fun to watch despite the fact that we realize how dangerous of being an arms dealer is all about. All in all, Jormungand: Perfect Order is by no means a perfect series but it is one hell of a ride.