Dec 27, 2012
Hyperbolic33 (All reviews)
Ok so I've never written a review before, but I thought this manga deserved one sooo here I go:

Story (9.5 round it up idk) - The story is freakin hilarious ok. The manga has this slice-of-life feel, but it does have some sort of plot where Molester fumbles through his relationships with this group of girls after he gets mistaken for a molester by one of them (Miss Understanding). It's very realistic and down to earth, like I can really relate to Molester and all his awkward, otaku, nerdyness. At the same time though the story still keeps this manga like feeling that is really enjoyable. The only drawbacks I would say are: the whole 2ch lingo that I don't really understand, and I think the translators should have explained more (or maybe they did and I'm dumb), and maybe the pacing, sometimes it feels a little weird to me like in some places, like it should be faster in some or slower in others (that might just be me being overly anal though).

Art (9) - Some might say it's a drawback, but I quite like the art, it's sketchy, comical and it's clear to understand so I don't see any problem. It's also done by the same person who did Onani Master Kurosawa (check that out too).

Characters (9) - All the characters do have development. You get to see new sides of Molester as you get to know more about him and the girls as he slowly makes friends with them. Although sometimes I find the way the characters act annoying, and usually its the girls, but it's not "shoujo" annoying it's "they're based off of real people and I find that person's personality annoying".

Enjoyment (10) - I 100% enjoy this I always look forward to whenever the new chapters come out, I 100% recommend you read this.

Overall (10) - I give this a 10 because I really do laugh and find this a fun read, and end up really relating to Molester, it feels like he's a friend, as sad as that sounds. So go out and read about Molester and all the shenanigans he gets into with all his new friends in Chikan Otoko.