Dec 27, 2012
Kathykins (All reviews)
This is the second season of Hiiro no Kakera. I've written a review for the first one, so I thought to myself that I would review the second season!

This anime follows the story of Tamaki, the Tamayori Princess and her guardians. Where as the first season had no real plot and no real action, the season two makes up for it in term of plot and action. You will see the characters develop as well as the plot. It is still a slow anime where it take 13 more episodes to get to the ending, but overall, this season would be better than the second season. The first season is very slow and you'd have to be really patient with it~

Story: 7/10 As far as the slow paced plot, the story is good, but it could have been set into one season only, instead of dragging it out. It took way too long for the Tamayori Princess go gain power to put away the Onikumaru.

Art: 8/10 The setting, the characters are well made. There aren't really flaws in the art.

Sound: 8/10 The OP for the second season is as good and soothing as the first one which I totally like.

Character: You will still find Tamaki as useless as ever until the very end, but the others characters were well developed in this season second.

Enjoyment: 9/10 I overall enjoyed the second season better than the first one, because it was more fast paced. The story was really developing and you could see the anime's potential.

Overall: 8/10