Sep 23, 2008
LPbomb (All reviews)
This is probably one of the funnyist manga's I have ever read. For one, Yotsuba is a good character that really makes the story come alive. Along with this, the other characters add to the story and makes Yotsuba's adventures even better to read. No matter how many times I read it, I loved it each and every time. What this manga does is unlocks the inner child within you and makes you remember all the fun and stupid things you did when you were little. The art, don't make me get started on that! It was in one word, captivating. Even without color, the pictures still come alive and you can still imagine what they would be like in real life.The only bad point or flaw would be that there isn't much deep meaning to it. It is mostly meant to laugh, but it dosent get you to think as much, which to me, is important for an anime. That brought the story down a bit, but overall, this is a fun manga to read. I would totally tell all my friends about this too!!!