Dec 23, 2012
DakenFrost (All reviews)
So reading the tags of this anime (action, sci-fi) you may think (like i did): "Cool! Custom cute robots fighting!"; well that was true, but not the only truth. Most of the anime will lack a TRUE background plot and the fighting scenes are not...really the top...
Let me explain in the deep:

Plot - 5 (i am being good here)
Basically it's a slice of life anime without a defined plot. After the first episode you could see the ep 6, then the 2 and you will notice NOTHING. The only exception to this are some minor arcs of two episodes but that's all; you can see the last two episodes after the first one and all will looks just fine. Not a single evolution of events in the whole anime, boring.

Characters - 5
Standards characters: a blond and a blue airheads, the tsundere and the heroine. The master is a totally bland character so they are just "mediocre"

Enjoyment - 4 (that's my personal opinion)
I hate it. The first episode was promising with Ann (the heroine) almost defeating in a fight one of the champion of the tournament but that's all: no tournament, no serious battle. A lot of girls fighting to be pat by their master, looks like an harem -_-'

Overall - 5
Are you ok with a casual plot? Are you ok with characters without any kind of "soul"? Well if you are give a shot. If you are looking for some real action with cool characters click back or close your browser and run away from here.