Dec 21, 2012
anlmoon (All reviews)
Air Master is an enjoyable show. There isn't any complex storyline or thinking involve in this anime, but it does have fighting scenes and funny moments in every episode.

I think most of the characters are likable, there is only two or three that most would find annnoying, Mina and Renge.
Kaori Sakiyama is like Vegta from Drangonball Z because she strives to be better than the main character Maki Aikawa. She has the most development in this story and the most fun to watch. There are many other interesting characters and their interactions with each other is funny to watch, Maki and Julietta is one I find funny though it is boardline creepy/obsess.

The storyline isn't really about Maki training and fighting others to reach the top.
Maki starts of strong already and she does get progressively stronger, but that's not really the reason of the show, to me anyways.

The storyline could be split into two parts.

The first would be Maki and her friends going through series of situations, which some would deem random, but it is also the time when Maki tries to find strong opponents to fight to achieve the thrill and adrenaline rush that she used to feel when she was apart of gymnastics. During this time you are become used to all the characters. I like this half more since even though it was more random, you understand a bit more of why Maki wants to fight and her capabilities as the Air Master.

The second part would be Fukamichi Ranking.
This parts has all the fighters that Maki fight in the previous part show up again. Most of them take part in the ranking and there are new fighters introduced. The fights are good and Maki is stronger, but to me during this half she doesn't really have the same fighting drive she did in the first half. Also, this half shows Maki isn't always invincible.

The ending episode is a bit confusing. I would like more information about the whole Eternals and the ghost lady first, and if they had an episode explaining it fist and then have the last episode it would atleast made a bit more sense. But the fighting was good and everything did feel complete beside the Eternal thing.

So, you should watch it if you want to watch something funny and has action and no really serious plot.

Though there is mention of yuri (Maki, the main character, and Mina the big chested girl[its somewhat onesided] ), and yaoi (Kinjiro Kitaeda, one of the fighters, and Nagato, Kinjiro's bodyguard [also onesided, but they do kiss-extremely gross, but funny]).
There is a few obsessive characters, but its funny. So, if you take the show to seriously or don't like the above mention then it wont be funny or enjoyable.