Dec 20, 2012
Rayla (All reviews)
Every Detective Conan movie has its own pros and cons. One movie can leave a negative or positive impact on you depending on the contents of it. However, combining all sixteen movies of Detective Conan will most likely create an overall masterpiece. The reason for this is because DC does not just use mystery as its ONLY genre, a multitude of different genres such as romance, adventure, and perhaps even comedy are found within. Another thing to point out is that each DC movie concentrates on a certain theme such as video games, architecture, and sports.

On with the review~

As I have mentioned before each DC movie contains a certain theme to it. The last movie, for example, contained a theme pertaining to pirates, while this movie contains a theme relating to classical music which has absolutely no relation to its predecessor which is quite unique in its own way.
The movie itself, in my point of view, is much faster paced compared to past DC movies. Each important event or crime as you may call it happens much quicker compared to the other movies which can be a downfall in its own way, but it doesn’t matter since we get a small glimpse of pretty girls singing opera house music to Beethoven. *shot*
This movie, like all other DC movies just gives us a small glimpse of how dangerous the real world can be; how one simple event can turn a person into a total psycho. This movie perfectly explains and personifies how even the most beautiful of music can cause the most shocking of events.
However, with this movie’s plot, it could have shown much more potential; maybe adding a bit more spice would have made this movie one of the best of the best of the DC movies.

Of course, this DC movie being about classical music, it’s only natural to hear some beautiful peaceful and relaxing music. But this movie did something more than add that to our plate, we also hear resonating pieces of two very different classics one being, “Amazing Grace” and the “Ave Maria” each one sung beautifully and naturally by a very young and beautiful, perfectly pitched young woman. This movie also managed to make the music sound even most enjoying even though on the outside of that beautiful performance, something deadly and horrific is happening. To sum it all up in one go, this movie has classical music with a BOOM!

For the past 16 years of Detective Conan’s airing we have seen an increase of better animation compared to when it first came out in 1996. This being the 12th movie of the DC franchise its only plausible to know that this animation is so much more better compared to when the 1st movie came out in 1997! The animation has improved so much that animators are even adding some 3D moments! It just goes to show how technology has advanced over the years.

I would describe each character, however, it would be pointless seeing as how the opening sequence of this movie will just explain the main man himself, Edogawa Conan and some other supporting characters which help attribute to the movie’s events. So I will just introduce one character, who only appears in this movie as the main heroine to help move the detective story along.
Akibe Reiko is by all means a prodigy in my eyes, who first appears in this story as what I would describe to be a stereotypical celebrity snob who in all cases thinks she’s better than everyone else. With looks which could put America’s Next Top Model to shame and a voice so glorious that it would have made Beethoven regain is hearing, she is by all means an angel created by the Gods of Anime! At first she may seem like a total bitch, but than through the course of this movie we learn a few things about her and find out that she’s like a tsundere; tough and rotten on the outside yet fluffy and sweet on the inside.

I enjoyed listening to the classical music of this movie because it was wholeheartedly different from your usual DC heroic themed soundtrack. It’s nice to experience something new once in a while after all. However, I’ll be honest, I was a bit bored. This movie felt like it was just dragging on and on that I even found doing my AP History Homework much more enjoyable than the movie itself! And that’s saying something! But I ask that even if this movie isn’t going to be the best, please don’t ignore it, especially if you’re a fan of Detective Conan! Who knows, maybe you might watch this and think to yourself, “What the hell is this woman saying? This movie is by all means a masterpiece!”