Dec 16, 2012
Kynov (All reviews)
First of all, i must said, this review based on my opinion and the enjoyment i got from the anime, if you think i am wrong, well,,, thats just my opinion.
and i am gonna just straight to the point without any babbling in my review, so, here we go!

Nowdays, harem is the kind of mainstream genre that easily can make it into a top anime. since, what do you need is big boobs, pantsy scenes, and of course beautiful girl.... well, thats the truth.

Including Nyan Koi, this harem anime is maybe like another harem anime that you've ever watch, BUT WAIT! how about harem + cat? hmm..... thats WORKS!

STORY : 8/10
The story involves about the man who is been cursed by cat statue because of some accident, and for erase that curse, that man aka Junpei, must grant 100 wishes from cats or he will turned into a cat!

- The story itself makes me interest to watch it, since usually harem anime is focussing on the development between each character, and for this anime is focussing on how Junpei cure the curse but i didnt said there aren't any development, there are. but its just the "side dish".

- The jokes itself is refreshing, i mean i laughed a lot when watching this anime. the jokes really got the spot.

- Its a light story, so its easy to understand. you dont have to think too much to see this anime.

- Usually, based on what i seen, the "main story" just come in early minutes. like when minutes 1 - 13 and the others is just the fillers. but i didnt mind, since what i seek is "Enjoyment"

ART 9/10
- Here is, the strongest point of this anime. the artwork of character seems so mature, and its so different between another harem anime which is usually using "kid" character.

- The background is so well made. rich colours,and again, the character artwork.

SOUND 7/10
- The opening of the nyan koi, is surely attractive. "Nyanderful" is so fit with the anime itself. The lyrics i mean.

- As for BGM, i think its just so so. there is nothing special on it.

- The OP and ED is surely attractive, but for myself, but it doesnt so catchy. so dont expect too high on this OP or ED.

- In this anime, we have a tsundere girl, a twin, a machosist, and a cute girl. What else? its just full of unique girls. Well, Typical of harem anime.

- The development between the character is maybe the biggest problem in this anime since it just got 12 episodes, but it doesnt really matter, since once again, the attractive of how Nyan Koi presents of the character is surely interesting in so many ways.

Overall 8/10
- If you really like with harem anime, this will be worth to try. since, it was interesting for me if i should say, i've never enjoyed harem anime this much.

- one more thing, You better put this anime into your PTW. lol.