Sep 17, 2008
Splitter (All reviews)
Following up on the surprise hit of the first season, Nanoha A's comes with more energy and more faults, but it's still a worthy second season.

The second season dives headfirst back into the action that made the first season so remarkable by the end. There are still many enjoyable twists, though not as impressive in comparison to the previous season. This is no fault of the series itself though. By now, it's become more "girls who fight with magic" than "magical girl" so the various new plays on the genre don't sell as well as they did before. Battle scenes are no longer highlights, but the majority of the series. If you liked the action more than the drama last time, then you're in for a treat.

Characterization remains as incredible as ever despite the more convoluted plot and a 100% addition to the already quite large cast. This means certain characters once influential to the plot end up as nothing more than glorified cameos. Even Fate's importance to the series is lessened considerably. Like the first season, Nanoha is once again not the focus despite being in the series title. Like how Fate was the main element last season, new girl Hayate and her knights are the focus in these thriteen episodes. Fortunately, their complicated relationship is handled with enough care that it's hard to complain.

Animation continues to be stellar as ever, fluid from start to finish. Because the series is now more action than drama, the quality shines with spectacular brilliance. They even manage to outdo the incredible transformation sequence of the first season with a double transformation scene. Though it only occurs once, it is positively breathtaking in quality.

Soundwork continues to stay relatively enjoyable, highlighted once again with another fantastic Nana Mizuki OP.

Like it's predecesor, Nanoha A's is another dose of no-nonsense magic battles and surprising drama. It's a worthy sequel, but the sum of its parts are still less than those of the first season. Nanoha A's is essentially Nanoha overkill in that it lavishs on more of what made it enjoyable in the first place. Just a little too much of an already good thing.

Overall I give Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's an 8 out of 10.