Sep 17, 2008
Foop (All reviews)
Afro-Ken is the story about a dog with an Afro. I don't need to go much further for you can see the plot would definitely not be good with those two elements. It is about him trying new things. And having an Afro. This is one majestic Afro, which brings us to the review.

Story- There really is no story to this that matters, if there even was, it would make it worse, considering you can't have that good of a story in a one episode ova. That is why it gets a four. As I said, a story in a one episode show is pointless, but they didn't even try.

Art- This is good 3d animation in this ova. They make Afro dogs very well. This is one of the good points of this anime. That is why it deserves a seven.

Sound- The sound isn't all that memorable. In fact, it was so immemorial that I forgot it. With that much mediocrity, I shall give it a five. It didn't pierce my ears or anything, and the subs were ok, so it isn't below average or anything.

Character- This is the major good point in the ova. I have never seen anything else with a dog that has a rainbow Afro. I've seen them with Afros, but no rainbow colored ones. Afro-Ken's Afro is a majestic one if I have ever seen one. And I have seen many Afros in my day. That is why I bought an Afro-Ken plush. He is truly adorable. That is why this section gets an eight. You can't mess with an Afro-Dog.

Enjoyment- I really didn't enjoy this that much considering i am a teenager and this is meant for kids 10 and younger, but I don't think that any small child would like it either, for they wouldn't appreciate the Afro-ness and they would also be scared by the giant Afro-Dog roaming around. That is why this section gets a two. It scares little kids, teenagers find it boring, and adults would only watch it with their young kids.

Overall- overall, this gets a four for lack of a story, immemorial sound, and scary to the target age group. Yet it isn't a one, for the adorable and awesome main character and the animation give it a few points.