Dec 15, 2012
teopei (All reviews)

This anime is perfect for if you just want to waste a day watching an anime. It isn't really meaningful or life-changing, but it's cute and the love triangle is fun to watch. The heroine is really cute and headstrong, and unlike most girls in anime, she actually initiates skinskip! The story revolves her and the love line, and nothing else, really. Some episodes have nothing to do with the plot except for about 5 minutes, but like I said, it's good to waste time! It's kinda like when you eat a bag of chips you eat all the time, and halfway through the middle, you get tired of the same taste but still eat it cause it tastes good.

The music was typical anime music, with nothing standing out. The opening and ending themes were nothing I would go out and downloaded, and I skipped them everytime.

The animation was average. Nothing new and kind of boring. Except for how pretty everyone was. Especially Kari, who looked like a girl randomly during the show, but was still amazingly cute. Why do they always make one manly man and one pretty boy? Even though Touji was basically a pretty boy as well, they made him a baseball player and a more manly voice than Kairi to show that he was the "manly" one. LOL.

The characterization was also bland but still enjoyable. Sae was a freaking psycho and I don't understand how someone could be that well-liked and still that crazy. They made her over-the-top, and she wasn't really understandable or relate able.

Kairi was the saving grace of this show. He provided comedy and was the life of the party. Whenever he wasn't in an episode, I felt like something was missing. He might as well of been the main character for all the time I invested in his story and his character.

The fact that she chose Kairi was the saving grace of this show for me. If she didn't chose him, and chose to go with Touji, who had been MIA most of the show or just a character to help the other mains to inspire conflict, I would've been seriously pissed. I watched this a second time with my sister, and I think it's safe to say that most girls would want Kairi.

All in all, an enjoyable anime and one I would recommend if you have nothing better to do.