Dec 12, 2012
sr467 (All reviews)
I did a review for the first series, and I will say, at the very least, this season is better than the first. They managed to take all the good things the first season had going for them- the art, the setting, the back story, a few of the better characters, and good music and voice actors, and grow on that. They also managed to fix the two parts of the series that made it almost intolerable- Lag's non-stop crying (oh, it's still there, but nowhere near as much) and the fact that they made the series into an episodic, letter of the week series instead of growing upon a very interesting story. Now, seeing that they have great art, a fairly strong story, good voice talent and music, and some interesting characters, you would expect a better overall score, but this is what this series fails to deliver- and sort of climax. There are probably a dozen different instances where I thought "man, this is pretty cool," but felt absolutely nothing. Somehow this direct manages to take any and all exciments out of all the marque moments in this series, which simply kills it. That aside, I loved the story, just not the person telling it. If you had seen the first season and managed to enjoy it, this series is definitely worth picking up, otherwise, the first season is not worth wading through to simply watch this....