Dec 7, 2012
Maz-Maz (All reviews)
I was shocked! (Can I say I was shocked?)

If inconsistent plotlines, sparkly-sparkle thou-shiney-light-side-effects-are-blinding-me, random love-triangles, unrequited love, molestation and occult ideology were to merge into one monster: it would be this monster.

No, ladies and gentlemen, I’m not lying. It was like being punched in the forehead repeatedly while watching random scenes take place, because that was what the story was, random scenes put together with the same characters starring them all.

The story was about how a depressed orphan was adopted by her Aunt while receiving stalker-esque letters from a stranger (who had a weird obsession with rose-scented perfume). This rather sad orphan tried to commit suicide but was saved by a god (Dios) and was later initiated to ‘princedom’ when she was 14. If that made any relevant sense to you- No? I couldn’t find any connections either.

So unless, you readers want me to go through the step-by-step analysis of the freemasonry and occult related objects, images and wordings then I’ll be moving on to illustrations, whoohoo!!!!!

The illustration made everyone look feminine, the guys looked like chicks and the chicks looked like chicks and the cows looked like chicks and old McDonald looked like a chick, etc. You get the picture. This sucks-

Audience: why? Chicks=goooood.

No perverts, this sucks since you have to depend on whether the characters were wearing a skirt or trousers to tell them apart. Thankfully, the main character wore neither (for all I care, maybe she was confused herself) making it REALLY easy to tell her apart from everyone else.
The art was generally unnecessary. It did not incite emotions from the reader, nor did it portray efficiently the emotions of the characters (O Hot Roads (Manga), Hot Roads, wherefore art thou Hot Roads?), it took away any realism that could have been gained. I say ‘could have’ because if I were reviewing this for realism it wouldn’t have deserved a grade.

Have you read Billy Bat (Manga)? Did you understand ALL its symbolism and underlying ideas? If so, please read this and give me a detailed step-by-step article explaining what was going on!
Sure I understand where the story lead, and I understand the imagery but WHAT WAS THE POINT!
Readers for the sake of sanity and your peace of mind and anti-indoctrination sentiments, I urge you not to read this.

I’m surprised I’m the first to actually review this Manga on what it really is: a fungus-y crap story.