Dec 2, 2012
KanameSempai (All reviews)
"Ore monogatari!Another shoujo manga,huh?" Well,that's what I guessed you would think.
And yes, you're wrong.One monogatari isn't your typical shoujo manga where the female character falls in love with someone super-handsome,smart and so on. NO! This is a must-read for all the manga-lovers, no matter what genre you like.You'll fall in love with the story, believe me.

Story : 10
The story is told from the perspective of Takeo a boy who's complexed by his huge appearance (he's introduced as an 2m tall and 120kg weight) and unappealing figure because his best friend,Sunagawa the super-popular guy who can make any girl blush, manages to "steal" all his previous crushes since their childhood (unintentionally). One day in train,on their way home, Takeo saves a beautiful and friendly girl named Yamada from a pervert and since then she tried her best to repay him by making sweets for him and in the end,she falls in love with him. Takeo noticed that she's nervous every time she's speaking to him but he misunderstands, thinking that she fell in love with his best friend.

Art : 9
Well, I really really like the art. Per total, it's a typical shoujo artwork but the comedy moments are very very well done, especially Takeo's ridiculous expressions.

Character : 10
Takeo : the funniest character I've ever seen in a shoujo manga.Ridiculously huge, trying his best to let a good impression but almost everytime he fails.
Yamada : beautiful,shy and clumsy girl with an unexpected taste in boys in comparison with a typical shoujo heroine
Sunagawa : typical handsome and cold guy who has no interest in girls
You would love them,I guarantee it.

Enjoyment : 10
The feeling I've had while reading this manga is pretty similar to Lovely Complex because the manga is fun to read,easy and warming.

Overall : 10