Sep 12, 2008
nyuu911 (All reviews)
I'm not going to say to much about the story because you can read that on the Love Love? page.
This anime was really really fun to watch. It shows the cruel sides of both men and women and then it shows the good sides as well when the whole "forgive me" scenes roll around.
The characters were all STUPIDLY cute and I loved them all. There is quite a bit of ecchi and some scenes of full on nudity but it is not blown out of proportion.
The girls, even though they are doing something quite mean, are all very delicate and that is portrayed very well in this show. There are quite a few good laughs and your typical "guyl falls on girl and rips off her shirt" scenes.
The music was quite good as it should be with the saddish scenes.
I recommend this to anyone who likes ecchi and ridiculously cute girls.