Nov 25, 2012
MiaSkyler14 (All reviews)
There is a reason why I rated this manga somewhat low but I will get to that towards the end of this review. The story was somewhat interesting but been there, seen that. Nothing special. The art was good, again, nothing special. Definitely not the best artwork I've seen.
The characters, oh, this is why I rated this manga low. The protagonist, she has admirable traits I will say, like determination and kindness. But that damn kim do-jin asshole, I hope he goes to fucking hell! He is by far the worst manga character I've come across. He's mean, a bully, arrogant, rude, and has no redeeming traits whatsoever! He's not even very cute in my opinion, and the fact that he acts all tough smoking his cigars pisses me off. Acting all high and mighty and then has the guts to fall for the same girl when she becomes pretty! How superficial is he! VERY!!!!!
I don't know much about that third guy, whatever his name is, but I heard he cheats on her later so of course I don't think highly of him though he does seem nice now.
The reason why I really didn't enjoy this manga very much (even though I'm not even finished yet) is because of how superficial and just freaking retarted it is! Life isn't all about being beautiful! That's my morals anyways and I think everyone should follow them.
Anyways I'm probably gonna drop this series anyways cause I'm gonna literally die on the inside if this girl ends up with this kim do-jin bastard, if you are against bullying and superficial stuff then DON'T READ THIS. In matter of fact, I don't think anyone should read this. why did I even give this series the honor of a 6? I should've rated it a 1 or 2! Gya sorry I got really mad and cussed but this stuff really gets on my nerves. >:(